Cotton Relief From Eczema Scratching


Business closed due to retirement but items now available on Ebay


Dear Snugglepaws Customers,

After careful consideration I have taken the decision to retire, and as a result the business will be closing from April. After April there will be a limited supply of items available on Ebay. We are offering 2 for 1 at £15.50, and FREE DELIVERY. Please click here to see: Ebay.

I would just like to extend my gratitude for the support that you have given Snugglepaws over the years and we are proud that our products have brought much relief to you and your children.

Kindest Regards,

Chris Bridges


Special Deals on Childrens' Eczema Clothing - Sleep-Suits with Fully Enclosed Mittens

Are you desperately searching for a way to prevent your little 'escape artist' from finding ways to scratch? Our soothing Kitten Mitten sleep-suit may be just the answer. Our unique sleep-suits and tops feature fully enclosed mittens that prevent your baby from wriggling out of their clothes to scratch. This in turn prevents harmful reinfection and breaks the cycle of repeated itching, scratching, itching, scratching etc.

All Snugglepaws products are made from certified Okeo-tex cotton, which means that the fabric and its ingredients have been tested and are free from harmful substances, whilst being produced in an environmentally friendly process. The good news is that this material is as soothing and effective as silk but at a fraction of the price.

Choose from our range of affordable, comfortable and practical eczema clothing and give your child a welcome respite from continued scratching.